Graphic Design tips for beginners to become a better Designer – Prism Multimedia

Learning to draw is easy but to become perfect in that it will require time, effort with good analyzation. If you have already started learning graphic design, these tips will help you to become a best Graphic designer. Whether you’re creating a presentation, a document, or an e-learning course, graphic design is what brings your content to life. The significance of graphic design can’t be understated—good graphics can take an otherwise boring piece of content and turn it into something that is both engaging and memorable.

Of course, this is easier said than done. We’d all love to be master graphic designers, but the truth is most us never anticipated needing a graphic design skill set. However most graphic design principles are extremely simple.

Use More Than One Font

When selecting fonts, think about the emotions they create. If they complement the meaning of your content, you’re doing it right.

Use Cohesive Images in a Consistent Way

Images, graphics, diagrams, and illustrations can help your audience to visualize the meaning of your content. Use images with consistent lighting, style, framing, proportions and quality.

Select the Right Colors

Fonts can add character and emotion to your content, where as color can take it even further. Learn color theory in order to create excellent graphics. You will have to learn about basic color schemes and understand how to set moods with colors. You have to attract attention, change modes, and even make statements using colors. If you learn how to use proper colors in your graphic, you will have far more control on the impact of art work.

Selecting colors can be an art form in itself. Even when working within the confines of a color scheme provided by an organization, understanding how colors work together can be a challenge for some.

Revise and improve:

Get opinion from others about your work. Revise the graphic and improve if needed. Make a habit of revising each work at least once before using it.