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Essential Modern Web Design Elements for Websites

A website represents a comprehensive picture of an organization, Institution and an Individual. Main Motto of having a website is to bring the clients or customers to their website and to be associated with them. This is possible only with the attractive web design. Web Design and content Plays a major role in bringing the public to the Page. The main part of web design is color, Typo and Fonts

A good website should have the following features that attract Users.


Before proceeding with a design, it is necessary to sketch the layout of the website. The layout is very important because it decides on site navigation, Picture and Content Placement, Logo and Icon Placement, color Combination and more. The layout must be user friendly, look clean and not stuffed.

Color Scheme.

Each color represents different emotions and meaning as per the usage of it. While choosing a color scheme, important things to be considered are “where, when and how the colors are used”. Following associated color scheme throughout the website is an added advantage. Having limited color is wise because multi colors may distract the users. Using Logo color in website helps in brand recall value.


Images are an important part of your site. They help to incease attractiveness of your site. Images play a main role while designing any website and there are lot of benefits to using them. When using images, they must be optimized based on the different sizes your website requires. Images that are too large are not recommended. Make sure that each and every image you use is suitable. Maintain proper balance between content and images.


Typography is the content arrangement in a website. It includes style, font and color of the text. A font that is used for the content must be easy to read. Fancy fonts may be difficult for the users to read and hence they may skip it. Maintaining the same color and font for the body content and the titles are advisable. It seems more presentable.

Hand Drawn Illustrations

Using hand drawn illustrations is on the rise and you can easily spot hand drawn illustrations on many websites of modern times. The advantage of using hand draw illustration is that it gives a very personalized experience to the viewers. The Users feel as connected to the webpage.


For each and every website relevant content has to be placed. Content on a website should explain everything which the users want to know. This will make the user comfortable.  Having more unique content will fetch a Top ranking in search engines.

Since a website stands as an image of a company it’s important to build it with proper guidelines and information from experts having knowledge in web design.