The Psychology of Using Color Behind Logos – Prism Multimedia

Color plays a major role helps us to identify the different objects around us. When it comes to identifying your brand, your logo is probably the first thing your customers will think of. Both Logo and color are the most important parts of creating a quality brand.

There is a psychology to colors and the feelings and thoughts they provoke in people.

Logos can be categorized in to 5 basic types:

Brand Mark: Brand Marks are designed without words mostly associated with company.

Word Mark: Mostly these are seen on technology company logos add a sense of sophistication.

Letter Mark: Letter Mark lends distinction if the company name doesn’t work spelled out.

Combo Mark: Combo Mark includes company or Organization name with some art work.

Emblem: Emblems may be seen as Brand Mark, Word Mark, Letter Mark, Combo Mark which includes name of any organization or company with additional art work.

Psychology of color to see what each color says:

Red: Passion, danger, energy and aggression are all closely related to the color red. Also It is commonly found on food chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster and more.

Orange: Behind orange is innovation and modernization. It is an approachable, youthful, fun and affordable color.

Purple: Luxury and royalty are all associated with the color purple. It has a long stance as a color related to the church, and holds the meanings of wisdom, dignity and wealth.

Black: The color black carries a variety of meanings. Often, it is linked with sophistication and power, but it is also commonly linked with death.

White: Associated with cleanliness, simplicity and purity. Most logos are set against a white background, and contain white within it as a break-up color.

Yellow: Usually used around caution signs, yellow holds both positive and negative connotations. It is a cowardice color, but also has been showed to induce appetite. It can also be seen as bright, warm and friendly.

Pink: Femininity and womanhood is seen to be associated with the color pink. It is a fun and flirty color, and used heavily amongst women-centered products.

Green: Unsurprisingly, green is heavily associated with nature. It is widely seen on ethical or organic foods, and has been widely linked to vegan and vegetarian food products and services. Adversely, it is also commonly used in finance, as green is linked to money.

Blue: Widely used within the corporate world, blue carries a sense of professionalism, sincerity, calm, dedication and honesty. Commonly seen aligned with government bodies and official positions, blue is also linked to success and authority.