About Prism

Prism Multimedia is an enterprise run by experienced professionals with years of hands-on industry expertise in both teaching and development areas. Established in 1999 to impart training in multimedia applications, it also offers quality education, entertainment and interactive productions that are used in animation, gaming and internet and visual effects. Currently it undertakes customized corporate training in specially designed course modules in collaboration with a government run organization and some leading public sector units. Selected from among the best available in the industry, Prism has a team of pioneers in this very dynamic field. The faculty undergoes regular orientation and training on the newly developed modules from time to time.

A long-standing association with the multimedia industry that includes creating graphic effects in many motion pictures, designing of over a hundred web sites, collaborating with the government as well as the private sector on numerous projects involving multimedia presentations, brochure and logo designs, gave prism a cutting edge expertise and experience in the field of multimedia.

The career and job oriented courses in prism are well designed to meet the latest market requirements with prime objective of imparting quality training and creating skilled workforce for immediate employment. Prism closely monitors the research activities and reports of NASSCOM and upgrades its institute with latest technologies and updates its students to bring the best out of them.

  • With a state of the art infrastructure that boasts of aesthetically designed classrooms
  • A spacious multimedia laboratory that is equipped with the latest software and
    hardware and easily accessible central location
  • Prism is ideally placed to help educated unemployed youth to fire their imagination
    and transform their career.

The Prism is associated with number of organizations in various activities like providing training, developing software programming, Promoting live projects for the Engineering IT Graduates and enhancing skills for educated unemployed youth in IT sector.

The State and Central Government Training Programs organized by
PRISM are taken up from the following government sectors.

  • ni-msme (National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • A.P Backward Finance Corporation Ltd, Govt of A.P
  • Govt Security Printing Press, Govt of India
  • Acharya N.G Ranga Agricultural University, Govt of A.P
  • Employment and Training Sector, Govt of A.P


Through our future programs, we intend:

  1. 01To train more than 50,000 people in the next 10 years.
  2. 02To analyze the productivity and employability and entrepreneurship among pro-poor and make them more competitive.
  3. 03To impart the trainees with Technical and Vocational Education training and make them to choose the right career path.
  4. 04To see that the trainees are either into self-employment or wage-employment by providing them a proper assistance.
  5. 05To make ESDP an integral part of the education system, as well as a lucrative career option.


As the technology is the key factor in the growth of economy and in the development of the country, and because of the rapid increase in the growth of IT sector, a highly skilled youth is indispensable in every country. The training programs conducted are for the benefit of developing economies and also promoting such type of programs, which lays a path in providing a formal education among the marginalized youth and vulnerable groups.